Friday, January 31, 2014

Bad Attitude Day

I am having a bad day.  At least I thought I wad having a bad day.  Now I think I am having a bad attitude day.  Let me explain.

This morning, I woke up in a fine mood. However, the first things I noticed were my husband's lunchbox on the table and the overflowing trash can. This tells me two things:  he didn't pack his lunch nor did he take out the trash as requested.  Whatever, no big deal.

Except that we are on a really tight budget.  Like insane tight.  And neither one of us is really doing that we should with adhering to that budget.  Which means that he is going to spend at least $10 today that we really don't have since we are ALREADY over budget for the month. Sigh.

But the trash I will take out.  So I pulled out the bag, tied it and set it aside.  Then I got a new bag, and when I leaned over to put it in the trashcan, I saw water at the bottom of the can.  Gross.  I HATE it when trash bags fail at their one job of containing gross stuff.  But whatever, I went to get a towel to clean it up.  And then I realized, if there is liquid at the bottom of the trash can, what about the bag?  And yep, when I dashed over to where I had placed the bag, it was sitting in a pool of gross liquid too.  Great.  So I had to double-bag that (and that bag ripped too- grr!), wash all the dishes in the sink so that I could then take the trash can to the sink and clean it out, clean and disinfect the trash can, dry it out, clean and disinfect the sink and counter, and then take the trash out.  It was an hour-long process that took place while my two-year-old was audibly jumping on the couch.  And it served to put me in a really bad mood.  Unfortunately, my husband called in the middle of it, and I gave him an earful of irritation before he could get away.

It took a couple hours for my irritation to calm down.  But then I thought, this is ridiculous.  I am sitting in my very nice home, with my happy and healthy child, while my husband works at a job that he loves.  I realized I was having a bad attitude day, which was really a result of my frustration at not being able to balance the budget in the way that I want.  And taking that frustration out on the trash can or my husband isn't going to make things any better.  It's going to take some grit, but I am resolved to get a handle on this budget situation.  I am going to gorge on Pinterest and budget sites until I come up with a legit plan!

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