Monday, February 3, 2014

Facebook Sharers

I wish some Facebook posts came with warnings.  The new trend is for people to share news on Facebook.  Since I am curious to all things, I usually click on them.  With the understanding that if it's interesting to my friends, it will probably be interesting to me.  That does not seem to be the case lately.  The news of late seems extraordinarily depressing.  Today, a friend of high school posted a video with the only comment from her being "wow."  Innocently enough, I clicked on the video.  The video was apparently a clip from someone's nanny-cam depicting an older woman abusing a child that looked no older than a year old- persistently slapping the child in the head because she was crying, throwing her in the bouncer face-down, and throwing a blanket over her head, and then slapping her again when she tried to remove it from her head.  I understand that people need to know of abuse of children.  I completely agree!  But why did I need to see a video of this happening?  It really broke my heart, and had me in tears within seconds.  Who would do this, and why are we watching it?  Whether the parents were able to prosecute this "child-carer" and remove the child from her care, and I hope they were able to do both immediately, the child was still abused.  It didn't mean it didn't happen.  She will not be subjected to further abuse from this person, but she was already abused.  Plus, for someone like me who is deeply affected by videos that depict these actions, it makes me even more weary of leaving my child with anyone.  My son is almost two, and we have yet to hire a babysitter.  The only people who have watched him were immediate family that I completely trust.  I wouldn't even say that I would trust his care to ANY family, because we all know abuse is common amongst family members.  This post has no real point.  I just wanted to put it out there in the world in the the hope that people will either post warnings when sharing this types of videos, or better yet, not share them at all.  The abuse of children is not entertainment, and this child's personal abuse was not necessary to showcase just to make the point that abuse happens.

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