Monday, April 7, 2014

Home Haircuts

My son has really beautiful, wavy, blonde hair.  I don't know what genes we have to thank for that, but I'm a definite fan.  However, it also grows really quickly.  The ringlets are adorable, but since they tend to fall in his eyes, and make him hot, I knew it was time for a haircut.  Even though this is always fun:

I think he spent an hour dancing in front of the mirror with his mile-high ponytail topper.  These pictures are going to be so much fun in his later years!

When it was time for his last haircut, I went to the local kid-friendly shop in the mall.  He got to sit in a firetruck seat and laugh at himself in the mirror, and he was having a great time- until the scissors came to the front.  Then it was screams, and trying to jump out of the chair while the hairdresser held a pair of scissors a half inch from his eyes.  I felt so bad for the lady, that in the end, I had to tip her 50% on top of the price of the haircut.  So I walked out with a bawling child with a crooked haircut, and $20.00 poorer.

Thanks but no thanks.  So I just pulled out my husband's clippers and 10 minutes later...

Swag. Major swag.

It's still crooked, and he didn't like the sound of the clippers, but I kept my $20.  All in a day's work.


  1. He looks adorable. Hope the curls come back. My cousin's didn't :(

  2. Hey his uncle said it looks fine. hala hala

  3. I like the new hair doo. I can't wait too see the guy :) love uncle Joseph