Wednesday, October 1, 2014

No Spend October

After I last blogged about only purchasing enough food for six weeks during a sale, I went to the grocery store yesterday and hit the motherlode of meat markdowns.  Apparently, this particular grocery store had a lot of meat expiring at the beginning of the month and marked down at least 30% of their stock.

I purchased two packs of chicken thighs for 0.53/lb, steak for $2/lb, organic grass-fed ground beef for $2.19/lb and I also picked up two gallons of milk for $2.00/each.  My one caveat to purchasing a large quantity of food is if it's under your price book minimums, and these prices were definitely below that line.  So needless to say, my end-of-month spending is not going to look great, but the savings will add up long-term.

This has also inspired me to do my first no-buy month. Since we are stocked on meat, and I normally keep a small stockpile of basic groceries, I think we should be able to go through October without purchasing many groceries. I will use fresh produce as my one exception since I go to my local farmer's market every Friday. For that, I will budget $15/week, so I am going to try and keep our grocery budget to $60.00 this month. Anyone care to join?


  1. Yes but I doubt it will happen!

  2. I won't be joining this time but I will be reading your posts and cheering you on.

    Great prices you scored!

  3. Count me in as a cheerleader...go girl!

  4. If I wasn't stockpiling, I would join you. Those food deals you got are wonderful. I wish we could get ground beef that cheap here. My market doesn't seem to mark anything down these days. But I wish you luck with your $60. budget.

  5. I'll join you! You did strick a mother lode didn't you? That's nice! That's one thing about shopping mostly at Aldi and the meat market I don't get the grand markdowns. I used to get so stoked, lol! Life of a homemaker, huh?

  6. Terri- I actually DID get all of this at Aldi, which is why it was such a surprise! I am going to be looking at a lot of recipes to make every day as different as possible. I always like your Leftover Makeover ideas.

    1. Just wanted to share that I noted $off stickers atop meats at my nearest Aldi last grocery shop. Unfortunately it was their chicken pieces. I'd have loved to stock up but they infuse the poultry with broth and it contains carageenan which I can't eat. I was excited though and will keep my eye out now I know they will mark it down! I might never have looked had you not shared.